Soneva Fushi signs up to anti shark fin culling campaign

Shark – This month, The Soneva Group has announced that its Maldives resort, Soneva Fushi, will serve as regional headquarters for the largest worldwide shark conservation campaign, FINished with Fins. FINished with Fins can boast the support of over 100 of Hong Kong’s taste makers and opinion leaders, 150 celebrities from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and China, and has now added Sonu and Eva Shivdasani, founders of The Soneva Group, to its list of campaigners.

Jonn Lu, Regional Director, Asia Pacific for Shark Savers, who was instrumental in founding the FINished with Fins movement, flew to the Maldives to sign the resort up to the cause. Sonu and Eva have pledged their support to help lobby against illegal shark fishing in their local area as well as on a global stage to help recruit other corporations to support shark conservation, notably other resorts in the Maldives and travel industry leaders.

Back in 2000, their waters were teeming with sharks, however as the years have gone by the shark population has depleted significantly. This led to the Maldivian government commendably introducing a ban on shark fishing in all its waters in 2010. The ban was a great step forward for shark conservation however it only prevented fishermen from hunting sharks up to 12 nautical miles (22 kilometres) off the atoll coasts. This has led to poachers shark fishing and trading outside of the perimeter. Soneva Fushi would like to see the perimeter extended further to make it a lot more difficult for shark fishing and trading to take place and try and put a stop to it once and for all.

The resort is aware of sharks’ role in the ocean’s food chains, and that their depletion is due to the unsustainable demand for shark fin soup in Asia.

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