Bioluminescent plankton at Conrad Maldives

Conrad – Beaches at the luxury Conrad Maldives Rangali Island glow blue at night with bio-luminescent phytoplankton.  In this picture, taken on the beach by the main jetty on Monday 9 December 2013, a guest is seen walking through the blue waves.  The eagle-eyed will also spot ‘George’, one of the resort’s resident herons in the background.  This bioluminescent blue glow is created by millions of phytoplanktons (dinoflagellate), in the ocean.  These contain luciferase, a chemical that glows in the dark when agitated, for example when a wave breaks on a beach.

The blue glowing beaches have been seen at Rangali Island for the past three months, particularly on moonless nights.   The resort also offers night dives in which divers can swim through this glowing ‘ocean of stars’.

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