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Kuramathi Spa introduces new concept “The Essence of Wellbeing”



Maldives Promotion House – Kuramathi is an island with remarkably abundant flora, a lagoon displaying shades of blue from navy to turquoise and a powder white sandbank at the tip of the island; and that’s just some of the few reasons why guests love to return again and again to this emerald jewel. Value for money, great all inclusive plans and a fun kids club complements the long list of comforts available to our guests. This October, we are proud to unveil, the Kuramathi Spa, perfected to offer an even better spa experience to all our guests.

Following a new philosophy “the essence of well-being” and the desire to take the Spa experience to a new level, Kuramathi now manages its own Spa. New and improved, the Spa is now your ultimate gateway to connect with your inner self and attain a state of tranquility. The therapies and treatments at the Spa have been aligned to same level of service and quality offered by the rest of the resort.

Upon arrival, you are greeted and welcomed to the Spa by a team of Spa professionals, who assess your needs and leave you to ponder over the choice of the wide range of experiences available. Our Spa director – Pedro Catarino leads the multicultural team comprising of masseuses, beauticians, receptionists, and a Yoga and meditation instructor. Pedro shares his years of experience with us, as he sets sights on providing better experiences for our guests. He has been an instrumental figure in the vital changes that were implemented into the current Spa concept.

Recreating the Spa concept was an intricate yet thoughtful process thanks to the unison of ideas developed by the professional team behind this much anticipated facelift. Professional consultancy was also provided by a renowned Spa consultant, whose contributions included a new Spa menu, due to be launched this month, and enhancing the service levels of the Spa team a few notches higher through means of rigorous training.

New signature rituals feature their way into the Spa Menu, now a comprehensive list of authentic therapies ranging from the ancient art of Ayurveda to the pacifying effects conveyed by the preserved secrets of Balinese therapies.

A whole new addition to the Spa is the YonKa skin care line; an all-natural product range with its roots stemming from Paris, France. YonKa is a well-established brand renowned as pioneers in aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Presently, they boast a meticulous selection of Spas around the globe, with a history of delivering aesthetic treatments for over 60 years. Aligning well with our own slogan, “Naturally Maldives”, these products are not only effective in conveying health and beauty, but are also purely organic, providing a surreal experience to the guests who chose these inspired programs.

The partnership of YonKa and Kuramathi has resulted in many new treatment options available for our guests. With over 5 skin care programs suited for both him and her, along with the addition of revitalising body care therapies, and signature rituals, the present Kuramathi Spa promises to be a personal doorway to achieve a sense of sereneness and spirituality. Spa Pedicures and Manicure treatments are now redefined and complemented with original products as well, with Bella Lucce and Zoya, well-known for containing carbon neutral elements free from harmful chemicals.

Meditation is also introduced along with Yoga classes, set to bring balance to the mind, body and soul. The classes are conducted by a professional yoga / meditation instructor and are available in both private and group sessions at very reasonable prices.

The General Manager, Latheef shares his thoughts and says that “The new Kuramathi Spa is an idea conceived after deciding to bring forth a professional touch to the Spa experience and product range, to meet the expectations of the guests. Kuramathi has continued to develop and improve itself since its revamp in 2009, and this year it is the Spa’s turn, our guests expect and deserve an equivalent experience at Kuramathi Spa.”


Japanese Watsu expert Junko Fujita joins Patina Maldives for residency



Patina Maldives has unveiled the exclusive residency of Junko Fujita, a distinguished practitioner of Watsu therapy, who will elevate the guest experience at Patina from March 15 to April 15, 2024.

Originating from the illustrious Japanese island of Okinawa, a revered Blue Zone celebrated for its longevity, Junko Fujita epitomises a legacy of healing. With over 14 years of immersive dedication to the art of Watsu, she arrives at Patina Maldives as a beacon of transformative wellness.

Watsu therapy, a symphony of massage, stretches, and meditation conducted amidst the serene embrace of warm waters, encapsulates the essence of relaxation and rejuvenation. Junko Fujita’s expertise transcends the ordinary, guiding guests through a profound journey of self-discovery and renewal. Her mastery promises an unparalleled fusion of traditional Japanese healing practices and contemporary therapeutic techniques.

During her residency at Patina Maldives, guests will have the privilege of immersing themselves in the therapeutic oasis crafted by Junko Fujita. With meticulous attention to individual needs and preferences, each private Watsu session is a bespoke experience, tailored to harmonise mind, body, and spirit.

As part of our ongoing commitment to holistic wellness, guests will also have the opportunity to experience Shiatsu and Acupuncture with Yuki Nisjikubo from May 15 to June 15, 2024, further enriching their journey towards holistic well-being.

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Laura Pagano Elevates Wellness and Creativity at Oaga Art Resort



Laura’s remarkable journey with Oaga Art Resort began long before the resort’s doors swung open to guests. As the Spa Manager, she wielded significant influence in shaping the unique identity of Hoba Spa. Collaborating closely with Hoba Spa’s Consultant and Maldivian Healer, Aishath Zulfishan (Xubba), Laura fused traditional Maldivian healing practices with her own expertise in modern spa therapies. Her dedication to crafting personalized wellness experiences and nurturing her team’s growth has fostered an environment where creativity and innovation flourish, perfectly aligning with Oaga’s philosophy of organic community growth.

Beyond the confines of the spa, Laura’s impact reaches far and wide. When presented with the opportunity to revitalize the resort’s Fiyoh Kids’ Club, she embraced the challenge with her characteristic passion and initiative. Her commitment to creating an engaging and enriching space for children, coupled with her innate ability to connect with people of all ages, made her the ideal candidate to oversee both the Hoba Spa and Fiyoh Kids’ Club in her newly appointed role as SHY Manager.

“Laura epitomizes the spirit of Oaga,” remarked Manal Nashid, Director at Oaga. “Her capacity to engage with guests, inspire her team, and curate transformative wellness experiences is truly exceptional. This promotion not only recognizes her talent but also celebrates her unwavering dedication to our community and her commitment to nurturing the wellbeing of every individual who crosses our threshold.”

With Laura steering the ship, Oaga Art Resort embarks on a new chapter of holistic harmony. Her vision for the SHY department promises to interweave spa therapies, movement practices, and mindful living, creating a tapestry of wellbeing tailored to the diverse needs of guests. Laura’s dedication extends even to the island’s resident feline inhabitants, as she cares for the island cats residing near the spa lobby area.

For aficionados of the Maldives seeking an unparalleled all-inclusive getaway, Oaga Art Resort’s Greatest All-Inclusive plan redefines the boundaries of luxury. Offering a plethora of inclusions such as Creative Expression (art) classes, Take Notes (music) experiences, In-Villa Dining, floating meals, a variety of excursions, motorized watersports, and much more, Oaga promises an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss your chance to book your stay; visit the website,, today!

Nestled in North Malé Atoll, Oaga Art Resort is a mere 45-minute speedboat ride from Malé International Airport. Boasting 60 villas with beach and overwater options, five dining venues, and a spa steeped in traditional Maldivian healing practices, Oaga Art Resort offers an immersive experience curated by local and visiting artists and craftsmen from the Maldives.

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JOALI BEING introduces new spa brand, JOALI BEING Cure



JOALI BEING has introduced a spa brand, with JOALI Maldives. The newly launched brand, JOALI BEING Cure, will bring the award-winning “weightlessness” philosophy of the first wellbeing island in the Maldives, offering its expert service and curated line of products.

Designed around the signature Four Pillars: Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy, JOALI BEING Cure is a taster of the wellbeing island, JOALI BEING. From signature massages, specialised treatments, and JOALI BEING’s network of visiting experts, guests can experience an elevated spa experience.

With the introduction of the programme, the spa at JOALI Maldives will be rebranded as JOALI BEING Cure. A completely exclusive and unique line of amenities will be introduced under the brand name, and treatments will include elements of the experiences at JOALI BEING. The line is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and infused with the finest natural ingredients and is set to give a glimpse into the wellness programmes at JOALI BEING.

The menu incorporates distinctive therapies, including the Advanced Holistic Massage, which highlights the exclusive Marma facial massage for immediate relaxation and rejuvenation. Also, the experience encompasses body treatments like the Rasayana Detox Body Buff and Himalayan Energising Body Polish. The exclusive JOALI BEING Cure Skin Recovery treatment is specifically tailored for dry and sun-exposed skin.

“We are excited to introduce JOALI BEING Cure at JOALI Maldives, bringing a piece of weightlessness to the Island of Joy as well”, said Magdy Abdelaty, Global Director of Wellness & Spa. “This new spa brand is a true reflection of our commitment to providing unique and unparalleled luxury at our resort.”

This new and exciting launch transports JOALI Maldives into an exciting new era of relaxation and rejuvenation and is sure to elevate the guest experience as the resort welcomes a new year.

The introduction of the JOALI BEING Cure at JOALI Maldives marks the initial step in its journey, with plans to expand its spa portfolio by incorporating more locations in the upcoming years.

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