Tourism Statistics: More Than Half a Million Tourist Arrivals

Maldives Promotion House – The Tourism Ministry has announced the Tourism Statistics for the month of August. According to the report, around 600,000 tourists had visited the country from January to August this year.

It also shows that within the past eight months some 597,311 tourists arrived in the country. This increase of 91,132 arrivals is an 18 percent increase compared to last year’s 506,179 tourists within the same period.

The Chinese market has taken the highest rise, with a stunning 63 percent increase. As 126,561 tourists from China arrived in Maldives up to August, Chinese share in the Maldivian tourism market has increased by 21 percent with 22,827 tourists arriving in the country last month alone.

Within the last eight months 69,87 6 tourists had arrived from the United Kingdom which is a seven percent decrease in arrivals compared to the same period last year. This year 60,760 tourists arrived from Italy, which is a five percent decrease compared to last year. However, arrivals from Germany have increased by 16.7 percent which is 54,973 arrivals. French arrivals have also increased by 14 percent with 40,833 arrivals.

Resort occupancy rate for the past eight months remained at 79.6 percent which is a four percent increase compared to last year, with an average occupancy rate of 72.2 percent for this year.

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