Skydiving comes to Maldives

Maldives is set to witness the first public skydiving programme in July.

Organised by Skydive Qatar in association with Skydive Maldives, the programme will take place in the southernmost atoll of Addu from July July 10-30.

During the programme, skydivers will board a Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft from Gan International Airport and cruise to 13,000 feet before jumping over the Indian Ocean. The skydivers will land back in Gan island or in Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa.

“Unforgettable Jumps, BBQ, Pool Parties and much more fun than you have ever had in the world’s most unique Island setting,” an announcement by Skydive Qatar said.

Tickets start at USD 767, and will be available for booking soon along with accommodation options. Slots can now be reserved online.

Association of Sky Sports Maldives has carried out test dives last year.

Despite being new to the Maldives, skydiving is a popular activity amongst tourists in several countries around the world. Neighbouring countries, including India and Sri Lanka also offer skydiving to adventure thrill seekers to explore their natural landscape from a different perspective.

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