Silicon India Sets Maldive Islands among Top 5 Islands

Maldives Promotion House – One of India’s news agencies, Silicon India News, recently listed Maldive Islands among their top uninhabited islands of the world. Listed as their number one, Maldives was described as having islands that blurs the lines between land and water.

“While the nation has abundant tropical beauty and a remarkable temperate climate, it puts the nation of 400,000 squarely in the cross-hairs of Global Warming. The coral atolls are in most cases divided into 5 to 10 inhabited islands and from 20 to 60 uninhabited ones. Only 200 islands are inhabited by local Maldivian people while only 5 islands have a population of more than 3,000,” it read.

“The swarming capital island of Male is home to 26 percent of the Maldivians. Maldives has so many small desolated islands that every resort island has its own ‘Desert Island’ and proposes its own Desert Island trip. These islands are the perfect destination for anyone willing to live- temporarily-like Robinson Crusoe.”

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