Application open for HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards

Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific (HICAP) has opened applications for its annual Sustainable Hotel Awards.

In an announcement, HICAP said submissions for HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards are welcome by July 31. Winners will be announced at the 28th edition of the annual conference to be held from October 18-20 at the InterContinental Hong Kong, it added.

Applications are invited in four categories:

  • Sustainable Design: Awards in this category focus on the design brief agreed and ways in which developers, owners and operators have worked with architects, designers, engineers, etc. in realising the most innovative methods, strategies and technologies in achieving optimal environmental efficiency, minimising impacts, and creating value to the location’s natural and cultural heritage.
  • Sustainable Investment: Awards in this category focus on how sustainability has been incorporated into hotel investment decisions and investment models to make sustainability financially viable and generate positive impact.
  • Climate Action: Awards in this category focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to support global climate action in line with the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goal 13, including the increase of renewable energy and protection or restoration of ecosystems that absorb CO2, which may be within the property’s design and operations, the habitats and ecosystems outside the property, or the larger value chain.
  • Positive Community Impact: Awards in this category focus on optimising a hotel’s resources and reach to generate tangible positive impact for local communities; moving beyond philanthropy toward strategic use of resources, expertise, and funds to create better community engagement models with win-win benefits and quantifiable impact metrics.

The annual HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards were launched in 2007, and are designed to recognise hotels in the Asia Pacific region creating innovative new methods, strategies and technologies to face today’s sustainable development challenge, while providing tangible examples of sustainable best practices that can be replicated and adapted across the region.

Organised and hosted by Burba Hotel Network (BHN), Horwath HTL and Stiles Capital Events, HICAP is Asia’s largest and longest running hotel investment event, making it the most important gathering of hotel developers, investors, lenders, operators and other industry executives for information exchange, trend spotting and deal making.

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