Maldives Welcomes Sean and Andreas, the Red Bull Champions

Maldives Promotion House – After a long wait, the Red Bull Street Style Soccer 2010 champion of France, Andreas Cetkovic and Red Bull Street Style Soccer World Champion Arnaud Séan Garnier has arrived in Maldives.

Red Bull Street Style Soccer competitions have been held in Maldives as well, with a large amount of support. Arnaud Séan Garnier is the first world champion of Red Bull Street Style Soccer, with an impeccable performance.

Séan and Andreas will be staying in Maldives until 1st July. They will be performing in capital city Malé, its island districts Villimalé and Hulhumalé, as well as Alif Alif Atoll Rasdhoo, and the Dhiraagu Road Show.

Andreas Cetkovic who accompanied Séan, is also a break dancer, which means that his performance will also be a work of art. Red Bull is marketed and distribute in Maldives by Euro Marketing Private Limited.


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