Maldives Promotion House soon to launch ‘Maldives Insider’ publication

Maldives – Maldives Promotion House is excited to announce the upcoming launch of ‘Maldives Insider’, the official publication of in March 2016. Copies of the publication will also be distributed at fairs such as ATM, WTM, MITT and COTTM in addition to placing them with globally recognised travel agents and travel media.

The Maldives Insider, as an annual publication, is a distinctive concept for Maldives, which is designed as an elegant coffee-table style photographic publication featuring a collection of concept photography showcasing various unique travel options and stunning tourist facilities, referred to as “photo listings” in the magazine. All photo listings will have a caption in three languages; English, German & Chinese. Additionally a QR code will be placed on the side with the website of the tourist facility in the photo embedded in it.

This is a unique opportunity that will allow resorts, liveaboards and guest houses to be featured across the company’s social media channels, thereby garnering support from over the 1.3 million loyal followers of its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms. They will also gain the opportunity to be featured on the website, which has over four million viewers distributed worldwide, free of charge. As the mission of Maldives Promotion House is to promote Maldives as the best destination on Earth, the aim is to provide all the tourist facilities in Maldives with the most effective & exceptional aspects in garnering the maximum exposure through each aspect. Thus, Maldives Insider is yet another concept/medium to further enhance the exposure for those tourist facilities which already receive huge exposure through, and also to the rest of those facilities in Maldives. As the website, social media platforms affiliated to it, and the Official publication of it will run side by side, in return it would provide those tourist facilities with a massive collective exposure through all, with a promising reach.

Maldives InsiderMaldives Insider also aims to facilitate the development/promotion of photography in Maldives, and recognize the talent of local photographers, while also allowing them to get listed in the magazine.

The deadline for purchasing photo listings, and advertisements has been extended until December 20th, 2015 to provide more time for all the tourist facilities. Therefore, all interested parties are encouraged to get in touch before the deadline.

For a detailed breakdown of the rates and for additional queries, please email Maldives Promotion House at

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