Hong Kong Airlines to Begin Chartered Flights to Maldives

Maldives Promotion House – Hong Kong Airlines, formerly CR Airways Limited, is a Hong Kong-based airline, with its main hub at Hong Kong International Airport. The airline operates scheduled regional passenger and cargo services to 10 destinations within the People’s Republic of China and Vietnam, including codeshares with its sister airline, Hong Kong Express Airways.

Hong Kong Airlines Limited was recently granted permission to charter flights to Maldives for a period of three months.

According to Civil Aviation the permit will allow the airlines to charter their A330-200 aircrafts of 283 passengers to travel to Maldives from 12th July to 29th October. The summer schedule shows that about 28 trips will be made via the Malé-Hong Kong-Malé route.

Their Maldivian agent Villa Travels and Tours has also confirmed that each Tuesday and Saturday will be targeted for tourists. The flights will arrive at 08:30PM and depart at 09:40PM.

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