Man catches a marlin with bare hands


A young man captured a huge marlin that was seen in shallow waters at the Raalhugandu (surf point) area with his bare hands.

The young man who captured this fish, Ali Asif, 29, said that he spotted the fish on his way home from a coffee at a nearby restaurant.

“People were there already. I gave them my phone and stuff and jumped in. Some people warned that I might get stabbed by its spear”, said ‘Ayya’, a professional diver.

He said that he spotted the eight-foot long fish at where the waves broke and that it took him about 15 minutes to get the marlin to shore. While Ayya had his hands in its gill plate, it had swum around, taking him with it.

A lot of people stood around, watching in amazement. Many people had taken pictures and videos of the scene.

Ayya said that apart from a scratch on his leg when he tried to shore the marlin, he did not suffer any other injuries.

“I first got hold of its gill plate. Then when the waves came and the water level rose, the marlin would run off with me. I tried to stab it in the neck with a sharp stick a friend handed me, but could not do it. So I just grabbed onto its neck and came ashore”, Ayya said.

The fastest fish in the ocean, marlin can reach speeds of 110 kilometers per hour. Their large size and spirited fight make them a favourite amongst trophy fishers. However, since Ayya is an agile swimmer and knows sea creatures rather well, he completed this amazing venture with no hesitation at all.

Source: Haveeru Online

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