Soneva Fushi welcomes sleep scientist Christopher Herrera

Maldives Promotion House – Sleep is a serious business at Soneva Fushi, before guests even arrive they offer the option of choosing between 19 different types of pillows, 4 different types of duvets and a selection of 5 different fragrance pillows to help promote the most peaceful sleep possible. Soneva’s brand philosophy of ‘intelligent luxury’ recognises the importance of naturally bestowed luxuries such as walking barefoot in the sand and watching the sun set but also how space, silence and sleep are precious commodities sacrificed in today’s busy noisy lives.

Increasingly a good night’s sleep is becoming seen as one of life’s little luxuries instead of a daily necessity. Sleep is of paramount importance to mental and physical health and sleep loss has been linked to ailments such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. From 16th October – 9th November Soneva Fushi will be hosting Dr Christopher Herrera PHD a world leading sleep scientist.

During his visit Dr Herrera will be hosting a series of complimentary Sleep & Health workshops as well as offering ‘Sleep & Health’ Consultations and a complete ‘Sleep & Health’ package. Dr Herrera works with each individual to help identify their specific behavioral patterns which are responsible for sleep deprivation and consequentially to provide a blueprint for sleep and health improvement which can be easily incorporated in their everyday lives.

“Society generally understands the requirements for a healthy diet and regular physical activity, however the role of sleep on health remains largely unrecognized. My aim is to bridge this gap in knowledge and provide the necessary tools for sleep improvement.” Dr Christopher Herrera PHD

Dr. Herrera is an expert in sleep physiology and has extensively studied the impact of our diet – especially the glycemic index – on sleep quality.  He received his PhD in Health Sciences from the University of Sydney, Australia. In addition, Dr. Herrera has a solid foundation in counseling and experimental biopsychology. He received a MA in Behavioral Science-Psychology from the University of Houston-Clear Lake and an undergraduate BS in Psychology from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Herrera is currently employed as a full-time researcher within the Research & Education Centre at Aspetar-Qatar Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Hospital in Doha, Qatar. Dr. Herrera’s research investigates the influence of sleep on human performance.

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