Caffè Vergnano, BBM to expand coffee presence in Maldives

Bestbuy Maldives (BBM) introduced Caffè VergnanoA, world-renowned for its traditional skills and for its superb slow-roasted coffee, to the Maldivian market in 2014.

They are famously known as the oldest coffee roasting company in Italy. Caffè Vergnano adheres to the core ideals of using sustainable and environmentally friendly means of production. From appropriate compostable pods to recycling, waste reduction, and waste recovery techniques. It is preserving the environment, ensuring high-quality food, and ensuring public safety. In line with the family values that have been a core part of the company’s character since its inception, the business’s choice is motivated by a strong sense of responsibility. The need to recycle, minimise, and recover waste is the driving force behind every element, from biodegradable capsules to secondary packaging to cautious raw material utilisation.

Especially well-known is Caffè Vergnano’s initiative to promote females working in the coffee sector. The initiative was started in 2018 and is supported by Carolina Vergnano. It is carried out in cooperation with the International Women Coffee Alliance. The idea for Women in Coffee is inspired by statistics revealing that women run 25% of coffee farms and 70% of the workforce on coffee plantations is female. Nevertheless, there is still a significant gender gap in terms of women’s access to commerce, education, and financing, despite this significant, beneficial contribution to the coffee supply chain. This historical context served as the inspiration for Women in Coffee.

Adding to the excitement, Caffè Vergnano company’s representative Marco Cavallero will be in the Maldives from November 25 to November 28. He will give them a greater grasp of the business, the company’s history, and the job at their coffee company Caffe’ Vergnano. He will also have meetings with some of the business’s current customers, including Jumeirah Maldives, OBLU Ailafushi, Lobigili, Diamonds Athuruga, Adaaran Prestige Vadoo to name a few. This is also in keeping with Caffè Vergnano’s 140th Anniversary this year, which will see the company expand internationally while upholding its reputation as a business that understands that passion, love, and culture as fundamental underpinnings of a truly successful business.

Located in the Maldives, the tourism hotspot of the Indian Ocean, BBM is one of the leading importers and distributors of premium international brands. BBM supports the Maldivian hospitality industry by serving their customers with products from around the world with their signature high-level service. They have built ties with partners from all over the world over the years and are now the authorised distributor of several international brands, from well-known household names to high-end niche brands.

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