Reiki healing, chakra balancing, meditation: Holistic well-being season at Fairmont Maldives

Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi has enhanced its well-being offerings with the invitation of specialised visiting wellness practitioners to the five-star resort.

A gifted reiki master and intuitive energy healer, Shaylini guides guests on the journey of healing the body, mind, and soul from October 8-28.

Shaylini’s treatments embody a profound sense of divinity and reverence for your sacred self. Her practice includes Reiki healing, Chakra balancing, guided meditations, and energy healing therapies to release emotional, mental, and physical pain, imbalances, and blockages leading to ultimate peace and joy.

Experience Shaylini’s deep-healing treatments in the calming waters of the Indian Ocean at Fairmont Maldives.

Intuitive Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of an alternative non-invasive therapy commonly referred to as energy healing which removes mental, physical, emotional and spiritual blockages, imbalances and pains.

It is effective for a wide range of conditions like stress, anxiety, migraines, digestive issues, pregnancy, back problems and arthritis.

The treatment will start with a body scan that diagnoses imbalance energy patterns using techniques, including emotional body clearing, vibrational frequency rebalancing, karmic pattern cleansing, chakra cleansing, and balancing and energy healing restoration.

60 minutes – $200 | 90 minutes – $300

Chakra balancing

Through her transformative chakra balancing techniques, Shaylini replenishes the body’s life energy from the chakras right through to the cellular level while enabling the release of any depleted energies.

This ensures optimal flow and even distribution of energy throughout each chakra, resulting in balance, elimination of disease, and powerful healing and cleansing.

60 minutes – $200 | 90 minutes – $300

Deep emotional healing

Shaylini provides a unique emotional healing technique that works to release emotional stress.

The guided healing experience is a journey to serenity and finding the balance of mind, body, and soul, liberating to the abundance of life.

60 minutes – $250 | 90 minutes – $330

Guided meditation

Shaylini’s meditation techniques will enable your body, mind, and hearts to open up more freely to renewal, growth, and inner peace, cultivating a relationship with yourself and become more aware of your thoughts.

As you begin to observe your thoughts, you will be guided through techniques that will promote the release of emotional, physical, and mental tensions.

35-minute individual session – $150
35-minute group session – $90 (per person)

Join Shaylini in the restorative wellness journey.

Designed for couples, families, and teens, the wellness journey offers curated activities centred on rebuilding connection, relationship healing, and nature appreciation through guided meditation.

Please visit to pre-book the treatments.

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