Green Initiatives at Baros Maldives

Maldives Promotion House – Since it opened as one of three pioneering resorts in the Maldives nearly 40 years ago, Baros Maldives has been at the forefront of green initiatives in the islands. When it was first developed as a holiday resort, Baros was an uninhabited wilderness of coconut palms and tropical undergrowth surrounded by an untouched, coral sand beach.

The developers, a Maldivian family, recognized that the natural beauty of the island and the flourishing coral reef that protected it, would be the main attraction of the resort. Even in the 1970s when the importance of conservation was unknown in the Maldives, the resort was planned so that the eco-systems would be enhanced, instead of disrupted by development.

Since the beginning of Baros Maldives, paramount in the resort’s evolving into one of the premier resort islands in the world, not just in the Maldives, is a genuine commitment to the environment. The result is a unique combination of environmentally responsible luxury, simple Maldivian authenticity (no monstrous buildings) and practical sustainability.

In addition, awareness programmes are conducted for guests as part of tours to neighbouring village and uninhabited islands, and on the diving and fishing expeditions, to promote understanding for ecological issues. Even the gourmet standard cuisine draws on green initiatives for inspiration, with the cultivation of herbs and vegetables on the island instead of being imported.

Green initiatives have been part of the Baros Maldives environmental ethic for years. These include the re-cycling of all ‘grey’ water so it can be used, after purification, for irrigation of the garden. Baros Maldives was one of the first resorts to install led light systems with a longer lifespan and lower electricity consumption.

All the air conditioning units are CFC free and there is an option of fans for guests who wish to switch off the ac units. Guest villas have been fitted with a heat exchange system that heats water used for bathing.

All the resort’s staff members live on the island and are encouraged to respect the natural surroundings. Staff accommodation and back-of-house areas are supplied with hot water from the heat exchange system fitted to the island’s generators. All chemicals used for the cleaning of kitchens, restaurants, public areas, staff accommodation, guest villas, boats, and in the laundry, are bio-degradable.

Great attention is paid to conservation of the sea, the beaches, the reefs and marine life. The resort has a resident marine biologist who conducts an environmental-awareness training course for all staff, and gives lectures on environment topics for interested guests. Baros Maldives is contributing to worldwide green initiatives by its Eco-Diver Programme. This enables participants to take part in the rare opportunity of working with teams of scientists to combat the crises affecting reefs around the world.

The resident marine biologist is also engaged in the monitoring and safeguarding of the vibrant house reef. A highly successful coral planting project was introduced a few years ago, and guests are invited to participate. Many guests return to see the progress of the coral they have planted.
Guests at Baros Maldives who are novice snorkellers or divers can enrol in the half-day Discover Reef Check Course. Experienced divers who want to do more can enrol in a four-day Eco-Diver certification course. This qualifies guests to help Eco-Dive teams to monitor reefs worldwide.

The theme of Baros Maldives has been ‘green-inspired’ long before ‘green’ became a buzzword. The resort is still owned and operated by the same Maldivian family who created it, and the concept of ecological awareness and environmental conservation remains supreme, alongside unbelievable, unintrusive holiday luxury.

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