Garden Village: The Beauty of a Nation

Maldives Promotion House – Villimalé, formerly known as Villingilli is a piece of the capital city Malé. It is a small island located about two kilometers west of the capital island, and is the fifth district of the capital city. Despite its small size it is a purely blissful and beautiful island less than ten minutes away by ferry.

Once called a “Garden Village”, and once operated as a resort, this green island is the only district of Malé with regulations which prevent the use of vehicles that burn fuel. Law enforcement and government and public transportation services vehicles are the only vehicles currently operated in the island, making it the greenest and most environment friendly district of Malé City.

With a very low population density compared to the other districts, the island of over 30 hectares is home to around 7000 people. However, the streets of the small island are never over crowded or noisy. The wide roads and pavements, almost wider than any road of Malé, are paved with the conventional bricks that give the roads an old and aged appearance. The network of roads is spread throughout the district allowing easy and quick access to every corner, while also providing peaceful and isolated paths lined with foliage.

Villimalé introduces you to sights that you couldn’t possibly hope to see in any other district, except Hulhumalé. With the approaching evening, children come out on the streets to play and enjoy, while the youth dressed in their evening garments go out for walks on the exquisite roads. The elderly ready themselves for their evening cup of tea, as they relax at one of the teahouses. Some enjoy watching the sunset as the sky turns bright orange and the calm waters turn gold. Visitors from Malé and Hulhumalé also arrive at the island, especially on weekends.

Filled with areas of utter beauty and complete isolation, Villimalé can also be seen as a holiday island or the ultimate and free hideaway. One of the most remarkable places is the beach on the south-east of the island. The soft sandy beach is joined to a miniature forest of sorts, filled with foliage that shades the uneven terrain.  The terrain itself gives it a peacefully quiet sensation of utter bliss.

Apart from the sandy beach, the forest beach is highly rocky and the transition from sandy to rocky is beautifully smooth. The breeze rolls in with the waves crashing on to the rocky beach, making remarkable symphonies, and you can easily lose yourself in the sonorous sounds of nature.

Villimalé currently has two restaurants, and a few teahouses. One that operates 24 hours is yet to be introduced. The teahouses and the restaurants close at 01:00AM in the morning to be opened at around 05:00AM. Shops close at around 11:00PM and the public transportation services and ferry services continue throughout the night. However after midnight the ferries decrease in frequency until around 6 in the morning, after which ferry services will once again be available at about 15 minute intervals.

As well as the sunsets, the sunrises are also a sight to be admired. Slowly peeking from behind the main island Malé, projecting beams of light on to the clouds lingering above. As the whole sky glows of gold, you can feel the sea breeze on your face and the warmth of the sun with the approaching dawn.

With its grand scenes of natural beauty, Villimalé gives you inspiration in a very unique way, and there is no word that can describe the feeling. As you listen to the tunes of nature you can feel the island calling out to you, urging you to stay.

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