Maldives announces second integrated guesthouse project with 250 beds

Maldives government has announced another endeavour to expand the already booming guesthouse industry, with plans to develop 250 beds in a specified integrated guesthouse area in the island of Kaashidhoo in Kaafu atoll.

Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation (MITDC) Managing Director Mohamed Shahid told local media on Thursday that the USD 4 million project would see the development of 10 guesthouses of 25 beds each. Support facilities such as a water sports centre and restaurants would also be developed, he added.

“Our target is to kick-start the project this year and complete it in six to eight months,” Shahid said.

According to MITDC, specifications of the guesthouses and project details will be announced soon.

Deputy tourism minister Hussain Lirar said the ministry was in talks with the island’s council to designate a land plot for the project. It would be handed over to MITDC as soon as the formalities are done, he added.

MITDC is currently developing the integrated guesthouse island project of Baresdhoo.

State tourism promotion company Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has earlier announced the sale of 16 land plots from Baresdhoo, which is the first ever integrated guesthouse development in the Maldives.

However, MITDC recently took over the project from MMPRC and changed it to a rental business model.

According to MITDC, the 75-hectare island of Baresdhoo in Laamu atoll will have restaurants, cafes, bars, a spa, a theme park, a theatre, a golf course, a botanical garden and a dive centre to support the guesthouses and hotels. Construction will begin this year and will be completed within 18 months, it said.

MMPRC has earlier built the island’s harbour and joined a small nearby island to Baresdhoo. A local company has also been contracted to build the road network of the island.

Government’s foray into guesthouse business comes amid a significant increase in the number of guesthouses across the archipelago. Some 450 guesthouses have started operations over the past five years as the number of travellers that choose to stay in guesthouses is on the rise.

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