Maldives Travel Awards Guesthouse Edition set for spectacular show in Maafushi island

Maafushi island is all set to host a spectacular celebration of the Maldives booming guesthouse industry as the first ever dedicated Guesthouse Edition of the Maldives Travel Awards will be held on Monday with 96 nominees and 250 invitees.

The event, titled Dhiraagu Presents Maldives Travel Awards Guesthouse Edition, will take place Monday evening in Maafushi, which is widely regarded as the birthplace of guesthouse tourism in the Maldives. The event will be attended by 250 invitees.

Awards will be presented in 12 categories, for which 96 parties have been nominated:

Leading Guesthouse

  1. Kaani
  2. Arena Beach
  3. Hotel UI Inn
  4. Serene sky Guesthouse
  5. Velana Beach
  6. Plumeria Sea View
  7. Crystal Sands Hotel
  8. TME Retreats Dhigura

Leading Food and Beverage Guesthouse

  1. Plumeria Sea View
  2. Crystal Sands Hotel
  3. Arena
  4. Velana Beach
  5. Kaani
  6. Season Paradise
  7. Hotel 78
  8. Castle Inn

Leading Guesthouse / Diving and Water Sports

  1. iTouch Blue and Venus Villa
  2. Maafushi Dive
  3. Active Maldives Private Limited
  4. Rasdhoo Dive Club
  5. Rasdhoo Dive Lodge
  6. Beach Stay Maldives
  7. Shamar Guesthouse and Dive
  8. Kalhu Muraka Guesthouse

Leading Eco-Friendly Guesthouse

  1. TME Retreats Dhigurah
  2. Beachwood Hotel and Spa
  3. Canopus Retreats
  4. Island Way Etos
  5. Season Paradise
  6. Coconut Tree Hulhuvilla Beach
  7. Salt Beach
  8. Serene Sky Guesthouse

Leading Business Guesthouse

  1. Lonuveli Hotel
  2. Airport Beach
  3. Hotel UI Inn
  4. Ocean Grand
  5. Clear Sky Inn Hulhumale
  6. Coconut Tree Hulhuvila Beach
  7. Eureka Airport Inn
  8. Azoush Tourist Guesthouse

Leading Heritage Guesthouse

  1. Ariston Dhangethi Inn
  2. Local Island Inn
  3. Vashafaru Inn
  4. Lagoon View Maldives
  5. Banyan Villa
  6. Hiyaa Ilaa
  7. Mirian Sky Hotel
  8. Jupiter Sunrise Lodge

Leading Adventure Guesthouse

  1. Manta Inn
  2. Asia Inn Villa Retreat
  3. Detour Beach View
  4. Reveries Diving Village
  5. Boutique Beach All-Inclusive Diving Hotel
  6. Batuta Maldives Surf View Guesthouse
  7. Stingray Beach Inn
  8. Rasdhoo Dive Club

Most Innovative Guesthouse Concept

  1. Velana Beach
  2. Season Paradise
  3. Shallow Lagoon
  4. Tropical Village
  5. Casa Mia Maldives
  6. Masaaree Boutique Hotel
  7. White Shell Island Hotel and Spa
  8. Airport Beach

Leading Guesthouse Brand

  1. Kaani
  2. Arena Beach
  3. Hotel UI Inn
  4. Plumeria Hotel and Resorts Private Limited
  5. WhiteShell Island Hotel and Spa
  6. Serene Sky Guest Maldives
  7. LVIS Blancura Hotel

Leading Transport Service Provider

  1. iCom
  2. Nasru Speed
  3. Nevi Speed

Leading Guesthouse Island

  1. Maafushi
  2. Thoddoo
  3. Rasdhoo
  4. Dhigurah
  5. Keyodhoo
  6. Felidhoo
  7. Hangnaameedhoo
  8. Bodufolhudhoo

Leading Beach Island

  1. Fulidhoo
  2. Dhigurah
  3. Thoddoo
  4. Vashafaru
  5. Dharavandho
  6. Thinadhoo
  7. Dhangethi
  8. Kelaa

Nominees were evaluated and shortlisted to five contenders in each category based on their rating on TripAdvisor, which accounts for 40 percent of the total score. Shortlisted properties were then announced and featured for popular vote, which accounts for the remaining 60 percent of the final score.

“More than 70,000 votes are registered for Maldives Travel Awards Guesthouse Edition 2017, when the final day of voting closed on 27th September 2017. 32000 votes were registered online and another fifty thousand people voted through SMS,” a statement issued by MATATO read.

Additionally, MATATO will give recognitions in three categories, including Leading Business Development Partner for the Guesthouse Industry, Newcomer of the Year and Most Supportive Guesthouse.

Introduced this year, the Guesthouse Edition builds on the recognitions awarded to guesthouses by MATATO as part of the Maldives Travel Awards, and celebrates the outstanding performance of the guesthouse sector.

Maldives, known world over for its upmarket tourism industry, has resorts in the hundreds spread across the archipelago. The industry has in recent years expanded to introduce more affordable segments, including guesthouses and liveaboards. Some 330 guesthouses have started operations over the past five years as the number of travellers that choose to stay in guesthouses rise.

Initiated in 2012 by MATATO, Maldives Travel Awards celebrate and honour the best tourism and hospitality products in the Maldives, while fostering relationships with suppliers and local travel agents. From 20 categories in 2012, the awards have now expanded into three editions totalling 55 categories.

This year, MATATO has for the first time branched out the prestigious awards into three categories; the People’s Edition, which recognises successful pioneers and long serving individuals in the tourism industry, a Guesthouse Edition, which celebrates the outstanding performance of the up and coming guesthouse sector, and the Grand Gala, which is exclusive for winners in the categories for resorts, airlines and liveaboards.

As the first event held under the Maldives Travel Awards brand, Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi hosted the People’s Edition on July 13, where 10 individuals were recognised for their immense contributions to the development of the Maldives tourism industry.

After the Guesthouse Edition, the Grand Gala will be held in Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi resort in November. Voting for the Grand Gala is now open.

The non-profit will also combine the Grand Gala with the travel conference happening a day before at Bandos Maldives resort, bringing an international audience of industry experts.

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