Maldives selected as one of the most stunning airport approaches in the World

International Airport – Landing at an airport gives passengers a unique and sometimes breath-taking view you’re unable to see from the ground.

Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Malé, Maldives has been shortlisted in the hunt for the world’s most iconic and scenic plane landings. The airport is competing for top spot in a poll by, the leading private jet booking service, against some of the world’s most iconic airports, including Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Venice, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Hong Kong.

A a panel of travel industry judges – which include Forbes’ Matthew Stibbe, Tiffany Dowd of Luxe Social Media, and Travel Weekly Chairman Clive Jacobs – have chosen 37 airports which they think offer the most stunning views on approach in the world.

Travel writer Ana Silva O’Reilly, on her vote for Male, Maldives, wrote: ‘It takes a while to get there, but there are places that deserve the word paradise next to their names. On the approach, you will see many of the private hotel islands, and you won’t be able to miss the contrast with the semi-organised chaos of Male island.’

Last year the winner was Nice Cote D’Azur, which was praised by voters for its ‘sublime beauty’, ‘full range of colours at a glance’, and ‘amazing views of the French Riviera’.

Adam Twidell, CEO of poll organiser PrivateFly, experienced pilot and member of the judging panel said: ‘The PrivateFly Airport Approaches Poll is an annual checklist for air travel fans.

‘We asked travel industry experts to put together the shortlist and it includes iconic city views such as Las Vegas and London City; to tiny remote airstrips such as Saba – the world’s shortest commercial runway; or the awe-inspiring mountain scenery at Aspen or Jackson Hole.

‘But it’s now up to the travelling public to decide which airport offers the world’s very best runway view.’

Fans can vote for their favourite airport landing here.

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