Maldivian sailor set to circumnavigate Maldives

2 Maldives (s) – Maldivian adventurer and water sportsman Abdul Ghafoor, popularly known as Gabbe is set to embark on one of the most ambitious marine adventures in the history of sailing in Maldivian waters; to be the first individual to independently circumnavigate the Maldives. During the journey Gabbe will use an 18 feet Topcat K1 streamcut catamaran.

Armed with an in-depth experience of the sea and a lifetime of water sports, Gabbe‘ is well qualified for the toil of open-ocean and for this adventure navigation. Event organizer Atoll Sailor hopes to promote sailing as a sport to Maldivian youth and simultaneously to Maldivian tourism through this Around-The-Maldives journey.

“I have been dreaming about this for a while. Every day I get up to a natural stadium where we see sailors facing the nature to conquer the oceans. It’s a fascinating thing to see people sailing in different sizes vassals with colorful sails” said Gabbe. “In this event we are promoting a Maldivian sailor. In this event Gabbe will go around Maldives on behalf of sailors” added Ramon from Atoll Sailors.

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During this event organizers will follow the sailor on a support vessel and will be documenting Maldives and sharing it with the world to promote the culture and heritage of Maldives and the country as a beautiful destination.

“I love the ocean and nature. I will continue my journey by respecting acts of god and the weather” This means plans may be changed depending on the weather. “I need to cross every channel twice. In case of a storm I should capsize the catamaran and continue when weather permits. For the nights we will stop at different islands and document life of the people and continue the journey next morning” said Gabbe.

For the past eight months Gabbe have been training for the challenge. Regarding the preparations Gabbe said “Physically and mentally I’m in an excellent condition to face this challenge. I swim daily for 3000 to 8000 meters in addition to practicing sailing. I’m also taking a special diet. As an internationally sponsored athlete I’m also doing medical check-up every six months for the past years”.

Atoll Sailors expect to accomplish the challenge in 23 days.

Photos and video by Atoll Sailors

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