Dubai radio takes 30 listeners to Maldives

Dubai radio

A group of lucky radio listeners were whisked away by DJ Kris Fade on a secret weekend trip.

People were asked to show up at the Virgin Radio Dubai studios with their passports and were told they could win a surprise trip as part of the radio’s #Breaker campaign.

But the destination – which turned out to be The Maldives – was kept secret by the Aussie radio host.

More than 300 listeners were queuing outside the studio in Studio City within hours of the Kris Fade Show on Thursday.

Fade said the campaign was set up to give residents a “break from life”.

He said: “Everyone’s life is the same and they just need a break. So, we decided to ask people what type of breakers they were and we had all kinds of responses – scuba diver, sleeping or playing basketball”.

“I got on the radio and said the first 30 people who show up outside the studio will be taken away to a surprise location. It was an amazing turnout. Thanks to KitKat for organising all of this.”

The holidaymakers flew out with the radio crew the same day as the initiative was announced and returned on Sunday.

One of the lucky winners was a newlywed couple Kim and David Gerber, who landed a free honeymoon.

Kim, 34, a South African teacher in Dubai, said:  “My husband and I got married on April 4 and my brother got married the weekend after, so we never got time to go on a honeymoon”.

“This was perfect for us. We went scuba diving, snorkeling and had romantic dinners. I’m so glad we won. I had gotten to the studio within eight minutes and was breaker number 23, so I got lucky”.

One British winner had to leave behind her husband and go on the trip. Kundan Patel, 29, managed to get to the studio within 40 minutes, however her husband couldn’t make it on time to win a ticket.

Patel said she still managed to have “a lot of fun” with the other holidaymakers.

She said: “At first I thought how strange is it going to be – going on a holiday with 30 random people. But it turned out great. I went scuba diving and fishing for the first time”.

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