‘Trumptillas,’ or pro-Trump flotillas, celebrate president’s birthday in Florida

Hundreds of President Donald Trump fans across Florida paraded their yachts in flotillas — or “Trumptillas” — on Sunday to celebrate his 74th birthday.

The boats set sail from the Sunshine State’s major marinas. They flew American flags, and some had Trump’s “MAGA” slogan emblazoned on the hull.

Boats in the “Trumptilla” — a flotilla of Donald Trump supporters — wave American flags, Trump 2020 flags and MAGA flags for the US president’s birthday on June 14, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. PHOTO: AFP / CHANDAN KHANNA

“They make him look like he’s a racist, but he’s not, and I’m here to celebrate him,” said Rachel Cramer, who was dancing on a boat leaving Fort Lauderdale to join a flotilla of dozens of other yachts headed for Boca Raton. “Also, happy birthday, Mr President!”

Cramer wore a mask with the Republican president’s face on it and a T-shirt that read, “Trump 2020 — fuck your feelings.”

A boat decked out with Donald Trump paraphernalia participates in a “Trumptilla,” a flotilla for the US president’s birthday, on June 14, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. AFP / CHANDAN KHANNA

Further north in Jacksonville, about 1,000 boats participated in the Trumptillas, according to official Duval County estimates.

Trumptillas became popular in early May as Florida residents wanted to show support for the president while still respecting social distancing guidelines

Pro-Trump flotillas for the president’s birthday also took place in Tampa, Pensacola and Sarasota on Florida’s west coast, as well as in the Keys off the state’s southern tip.

The Republican Party announced Thursday that Trump will accept the GOP presidential nomination in Jacksonville following a row over coronavirus restrictions with the governor of North Carolina, where the event was originally scheduled.

Reporting and photos: AFP

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