Adventurous diversions at Maafushivaru

Maafushivaru – Holidaying in the Maldives isn’t enough if you haven’t experienced what the dotted island nation is all about. The sun kissed waters do look gorgeous and is pleasing to the eye, but it would be a shame if you couldn’t explore what’s underneath that during your stay. Maafushivaru caters to those bold enough to venture into the ocean with its amazing excursions that would surely get you solid bragging rights and never-before-seen moments of raw nature.

For those new to the idea of snorkeling, you may just get acquainted to the activity as our resident Marine Biologist provides a free insightful introduction three times a week at the Water Sports School. Muster up courage and explore the house reef, taking in and admiring the dainty coral gardens vibrating in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Once you’re confident enough to test wilder waters, sign up on a trip with us to seek great encounters. The aptly named excursions, Manta Point and Ocean Reef Whale Shark are half day trips, where you journey the seas to meet and greet the big fish underwater – that’s right we are talking about mantas and whale sharks; reputed for being graceful giants of the deep. Sightings alter, but our guides guarantee an average of 4 encounters per month. For advanced snorkellers, eager to make the most of the underwater experience, the Snorkelling Safari is a must-try. The three hour trip starts off by traversing through the magnificent pinnacles of reefs of Bodu and Kuda Clementhila underwater (‘Bodu’ is big, ‘Kuda’ is small in local Dhivehi language) and ends at an utterly relaxing escape at a sandbank afterwards.

You could also grab a chance to meet and greet a sea turtle (or more), one of the oldest living reptiles on earth at Boli Thila, a snorkelling site 20 minutes away from Maafushivaru, where sightings are virtually guaranteed! If you didn’t get the chance, worry not, for you could choose from a diversity of 6 unique snorkelling experiences, available upon request.

You might think snorkelling is ideal only when the suns out, but did it ever occur to you that spectacular aquatic organisms flourish during the night time as well? That’s one reason why we offer Night Snorkelling at Maafushivaru. Taking place once a week, this guided tour reveals the enigmatic lifestyle of nocturnal marine creatures. Witness the mesmerizing beauty of bioluminescent plankton, coral polyps sticking out to feed and other mind-blowing experiences at this excursion.

If you’re convinced, hurry up and register to uncover the secrets of the world below at Maafushivaru. We assure you that you would leave thrilled eager to sign up for another exciting adventure!

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