Chinese Media Groups Visit Maldives

Maldives Promotion House – In cooperation with Singapore Airlines and Kurumba Maldives, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has brought to Maldives, travel and general media personnel from various Chinese cities. According to MMPRC the trip was intended to strengthen public relations in China regarding Maldives and to portray to them that Maldives is still a safe haven for travellers and tourists.

The media group that arrived from china on 25th March was made up of Xinguha agency, Beijing Youth Daily, Top Travel, Shanghai Morning Post, Shanghai Times, Southern Metropolis News, Business Travel, Huaxi Urban News, Chongqing Morning Post, Xiamen Evening News, and

The media group met with members from various travel and tourism associations of Maldives. MMPRC also held a conference for the media group in which the Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture Honourable Ahmed Abdul Gafoor and Deputy Minister Maleeh Jamal participated. Maldives Association of Yacht Operators among other associations also participated in the conference. The group also met with the Minister of Home Affairs Honourable Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed.

During The conference it was explained that due to the geography of the isolated islands of Maldives resorts are unaffected by the bustles of the capital city. The Chinese market currently makes up to 24.9 percent of all tourists and over 38081 Chinese tourists visited Maldives during the first two months of this year.

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