JOALI Being hosts skills workshop for local kids with football legend Diego Simeone

On the evening of 26th June 22, a hush descended on the football pitch at JOALI BEING before erupting into an explosion of excited cheers and hurrahs. Football legend Diego Simeone had arrived, ready to kick off a memorable skills workshop with a group of young Maldivian players.

Simeone, who rose to fame as a midfielder for Atlético, Lazio and Inter Milan and won an Olympic medal playing for the Argentinian team, has been the manager of Spanish giant Atlético Madrid since 2011.

The footballer spent part of this summer at JOALI BEING, the first and only nature immersive wellbeing retreat in the Maldives, where he hosted football workshops for guests and a session with aspiring young local footballers.

Learning Meets Inspiration

On 26th June 22, a group of 14 young players from Meedhoo Island made their way to JOALI BEING for an adrenaline-pumping session with Simeone. Along with gaining valuable knowledge and practising pro techniques, the youngsters also had a chance to interact personally with the world-class player and coach – an experience that is sure to motivate them for years to come.

Launching a Collaborative Series

The collaboration with Simeone launched the Movement Skills Series at JOALI BEING. Over the coming months, the retreat will partner with renowned tennis players, fitness instructors and sports people to host a variety of interactive workshops for wellbeing seekers.

As General Manager Özgür Cengiz notes, “Our team is always looking for meaningful ways to connect with guests and support the local community. This commitment is integral to the JOALI brand.”

Rooted in Local Community

Ever since opening its doors in late 2021, JOALI BEING has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the wellbeing and progress of local residents. From conducting virtual education sessions for university students on International Women’s Day to hosting an appreciation event for healthcare workers on International Nurses’ Day, the team has made it a priority to support and empower neighbouring island communities. The wellbeing retreat has also created multiple hospitality internships for Maldivian aspirants.

JOALI BEING invites wellbeing seekers to reconnect with themselves and with the beauty of nature. Based on the belief that understanding is the key to creating and sustaining wellbeing, the island’s Learning Centre offers a series of educational workshops and experiential classes with wellbeing experts, culinary maestros and herbalists. This distinctive wellbeing retreat is home to a total of 68 exclusive guest villas with pools, consisting of 33 beach villas and 35 water villas. With 13 categories to choose from, guests can opt for one-, two-, three- or four-bedroom villas and residences. JOALI BEING features unique transformational spaces that allow guests to immerse in elemental therapies and healing experiences. Nature is at the centre of life at JOALI BEING, with the retreat being completely committed to nature immersive and responsible travel – the pathway to true “weightlessness”.

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