Love in the Ocean

3 Maldives (s) – Welcome to Taj Exotica Resort & Spa -your home away from home, where dreams become reality and every desire is looked after, catered to and fulfilled.

The Ocean Pavilion, so called because it is located the middle of the turquoise lagoon surrounding the resort, is one of the most unique and sought after spots on the island, and safe to say the Maldives. Built on four wooden pillars with access only by boat, the Ocean Pavilion offers complete privacy.  Secure blinds and light drapes can be drawn should guests so desire.

The Ocean Pavilion is used for anything the guests may prefer. Honeymooners frequently enjoy a couple massage followed by a private romantic dinner under the stars, with the shimmering deep blue ocean beneath them, and the soft winds embracing them.

Guests are taken to the Ocean Pavilion by boat, left alone with a mobile phone to contact their butler in case they need anything or any adjustments, which happens rarely, as it is already decorated and fitted exactly how they want it.

After a good long massage guests are served drinks and little tidbits to enjoy as they take in the breathtaking view of the magnificent Maldivian sunset. As the last light of the day fades, guests are taken back to their private villas to shower and get ready for dinner.

While the guests get ready, the staff transforms the Ocean Pavilion into a spectacular dinner setting. Massage beds are replaced with table, chairs, and beach loungers fitted comfortably with cushions. Candles are lit and fruit, wine, and food laid out.

Time stands still, the world stops moving for a few hours. The world is only theirs and theirs only. Couples are free to use the pavilion as they please, for as long as they please. The setting off the shore of the island provides complete privacy, yet is close enough so traveling boats and yachts don’t disturb.

Love in the Ocean, as it’s called, is a haven for couples looking for that something special, that romantic, private, ideal location. The open air, private pavilion is nothing short of perfect, and is transformed into whatever the guest would like it to be: a room, a spa, a private restaurant – anything the heart desires is handed to guests on a ‘silver platter’.

Experience the literal meaning of Love in the Ocean, at Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives.

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