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Soneva unveil new wellness programs



Soneva Fushi

Maldives Promotion House – Soneva Resorts are making ‘me’ time a sublime virtue with the launch in May 2013 new Wellness programmes, including a pioneering Ayurvedic package, all tailored exclusively to individual guests tensions, tastes or body type (or dosha)!

In the tradition of its unique range of wellness treatments, Soneva Kiri and Soneva Fushi’s Six Senses Spas have designed the programmes to appeal to those wanting a truly holistic approach to healing both body and soul, starting with a gentle round of consultations with fitness and wellness consultants as well as the resort’s Ayurvedic Doctors, and culminating in refined contours and rejuvenated spirits. Guests will of course have ample down time to enjoy all SLOW LIFE activities on offer at the resorts.

Leading the way is the Ayurvedic Wellness Programme where guests can, over a period of between five days and three weeks, have access to the Resident Ayurvedic Doctors and Wellness consultants and in Soneva Kiri’s case, the Ayurvedic kitchen too. Soneva Kiri’s specially trained Indian chef prepares calorie counted menus based on Ayurvedic principals but adapted for modern day, cosmopolitan palates.

Naturally at both resorts, the menus revolve around produce grown in the onsite organic gardens, which guarantee a zero carbon miles feast!

Dosha-specific Ayurvedic treatments together with yoga and meditation sessions help guests detox and reduce stress, among the countless other benefits associated with this ancient Indian science of life.

The popular Sleep Well & De-Stress Programme includes specific spa treatments plus the opportunity for personalised yoga and meditation sessions, all designed to change lives by instilling a deep sense of calm and tranquillity.

In addition, Soneva Kiri will offer Weight Loss Programmes which address every challenge, both physical and emotional, presented in the complicated business of losing weight. BMI (body mass index) and % body fat measurements will be taken on arrival and again on departure to showcase the end result!
There are Puriti detox treatments, Yogic Intestinal cleanses and reams of simple nutritional information and even some soothing words, spoken in Thai naturally, if the temptation to veer off the rails proves too great.

This trio of tailored programmes is available from May 2013 with special low season rates guaranteed until October and available going forwards excluding Christmas, New Year and Easter periods. Prices are based on single occupancy and include domestic flights to the resort (from Bangkok/Male), three meals a day, no alcohol, and all the treatments detailed in the package summary.

Later in the year, the Sonevas look forward to launching brand new Adventure and Romance packages, aimed at adrenalin junkies looking to reconnect with nature and unfulfilled lovers of touch and togetherness. Another first for this side of paradise!



JOALI BEING Announces First-Ever Sanctum Wellbeing Residence in Maldives



Renowned wellbeing island partners with innovative mindful movement to offer inaugural residence in the Maldives

JOALI BEING, the first wellbeing island of its kind in the Maldives, has announced a unique collaboration with  Sanctum, the internationally acclaimed mindful movement. The inaugural Sanctum Wellbeing Residence, offering  radical self-care and joyful healing immersions, is scheduled to take place in the Maldives, 28 April – 10 May 2024. Located on the pristine isle of Bodufushi in Raa Atoll, JOALI BEING blends ancient wisdom and long-honoured  traditions with modern science, to take guests on a journey of self-discovery and transcendence. This nature-immersive  wellbeing island resort, designed to seamlessly blend with its natural surroundings and centred around the joyful feeling  of weightlessness, is committed to showcasing world-renowned wellbeing experts. 

In keeping with JOALI BEING’s core methodology and enhancing its offering to guests, the Sanctum Wellbeing  Residence will centre on a holistic and unmatched moving sequence, rooted in multidisciplinary forms of kundalini  yoga, martial arts, animalistic flow, breathwork and primal fitness with elements of HIIT. Harnessing the power of the  physical body to unlock individual potential on a holistic level, the method is curated to music to complement meditation  moments and aims to alter body frequencies within a class through mindful movement. The approach has been  scientifically proven to decrease anxiety levels and enhance overall self-worth. 

The two-week immersive programme, crafted to empower the body and expand the mind, includes sunrise and sunset  rituals, mindful beach hikes, cathartic ocean dips, high-intensity workouts, immersive sound journeys, and dramatic  fire ceremonies. Guests can also gain insight and guidance from the Sanctum Founders and the island’s wellbeing  consultants and enjoy the resort’s signature treatments and bespoke wellbeing journeys, which have been curated around  JOALI BEING’s Four Pillars: Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy. Sanctum experts will work alongside JOALI  BEING’s long-established network of specialists to nourish guests and guide them on a journey of self-discovery and  renewal.  

Graeme Freeman, General Manager at JOALI BEING, commented: “We are thrilled to partner with such an innovative  movement and bring a new, transformative practice to our valued guests. 

Utilising our spectacular location, and enhancing our offering, our island of wellbeing and wonder will appeal to those  who are who are keen to push boundaries and unlock human potential, and who seek radical self-discovery.” 

Luuk Melisse, Sanctum Founder, added: “As the first dedicated wellbeing island of its kind in the region, JOALI BEING  is influenced by culture and widely recognised for its transformative wellbeing experiences, and we are therefore  delighted to collaborate on our inaugural residence in the Maldives. Our ambition is to lead the next generation of  retreats, bringing together the most authentic community of like-minded individuals, and the award-winning JOALI  BEING is aligned with this philosophy and offers the ideal locale to restore mental, spiritual, and physical balance.”  

JOALI BEING has villas from $2700 per night based on two persons sharing an Ocean Pool Villa on a B&B basis.  Wellbeing Programmes start from $1,693 per person based on a five-night programme. 

The Sanctum Wellbeing Residence is available 28 April – 10 May 2024 

Price available upon request: 

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Laura Pagano Elevates Wellness and Creativity at Oaga Art Resort



Laura’s remarkable journey with Oaga Art Resort began long before the resort’s doors swung open to guests. As the Spa Manager, she wielded significant influence in shaping the unique identity of Hoba Spa. Collaborating closely with Hoba Spa’s Consultant and Maldivian Healer, Aishath Zulfishan (Xubba), Laura fused traditional Maldivian healing practices with her own expertise in modern spa therapies. Her dedication to crafting personalized wellness experiences and nurturing her team’s growth has fostered an environment where creativity and innovation flourish, perfectly aligning with Oaga’s philosophy of organic community growth.

Beyond the confines of the spa, Laura’s impact reaches far and wide. When presented with the opportunity to revitalize the resort’s Fiyoh Kids’ Club, she embraced the challenge with her characteristic passion and initiative. Her commitment to creating an engaging and enriching space for children, coupled with her innate ability to connect with people of all ages, made her the ideal candidate to oversee both the Hoba Spa and Fiyoh Kids’ Club in her newly appointed role as SHY Manager.

“Laura epitomizes the spirit of Oaga,” remarked Manal Nashid, Director at Oaga. “Her capacity to engage with guests, inspire her team, and curate transformative wellness experiences is truly exceptional. This promotion not only recognizes her talent but also celebrates her unwavering dedication to our community and her commitment to nurturing the wellbeing of every individual who crosses our threshold.”

With Laura steering the ship, Oaga Art Resort embarks on a new chapter of holistic harmony. Her vision for the SHY department promises to interweave spa therapies, movement practices, and mindful living, creating a tapestry of wellbeing tailored to the diverse needs of guests. Laura’s dedication extends even to the island’s resident feline inhabitants, as she cares for the island cats residing near the spa lobby area.

For aficionados of the Maldives seeking an unparalleled all-inclusive getaway, Oaga Art Resort’s Greatest All-Inclusive plan redefines the boundaries of luxury. Offering a plethora of inclusions such as Creative Expression (art) classes, Take Notes (music) experiences, In-Villa Dining, floating meals, a variety of excursions, motorized watersports, and much more, Oaga promises an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss your chance to book your stay; visit the website,, today!

Nestled in North Malé Atoll, Oaga Art Resort is a mere 45-minute speedboat ride from Malé International Airport. Boasting 60 villas with beach and overwater options, five dining venues, and a spa steeped in traditional Maldivian healing practices, Oaga Art Resort offers an immersive experience curated by local and visiting artists and craftsmen from the Maldives.

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Turning the Tide Together: ELE|NA and OCEANR+ Unite for Ocean Conservancy and Wellness Innovation



ELE|NA, a leader in wellness, has announced a groundbreaking commitment to ocean conservancy through its strategic partnership with OCEANR+, a brand dedicated to ocean conservation. This collaboration unites ELE|NA’s focus on wellness with OCEANR+’s innovative approach to sustainable apparel, emphasizing a shared dedication to tackling environmental challenges and enhancing the wellness experience.

Plastic Pollution: A Global Challenge

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues, with an estimated 13 million tonnes entering our oceans annually. To combat this crisis, ELE|NA and OCEANR+ are joining forces, leveraging OCEANR+’s expertise in transforming post-consumer plastic waste into high-quality, eco-friendly clothing and products. This partnership underscores both brands’ commitment to sustainable practices and responsible business operations.

Key highlights of this partnership include:

Recycled Fabrics Impact: Together, we have prevented a significant number of plastic bottles from polluting our ecosystem by choosing recycled polyester.

Shared Sustainability Objectives: OCEANR+’s pillars of sustainability—focusing on people, product, and planet—resonate with ELE|NA’s ethos of responsible and mindful business practices.

A Kilo for the Planet” Initiative: In collaboration with NGO Enaleia, OCEANR+ funds the removal of 30,000KG of ocean plastic annually, engaging with fishing communities across the Mediterranean and Indian oceans.

Introducing Sustainable Wellness Apparel

ELE|NA is delighted to unveil an exclusive range of sustainable wear, including rash guards and caps, thoughtfully designed for the unique climatic conditions of the Maldives. This eco-friendly attire not only respects the environment but also elevates the wellness experience for ELE|NA’s guests.

ELE|NA’s wellness practitioners are now adorned in OCEANR+ apparel while delivering the OCEANFLOW treatment—a therapeutic amalgamation of global healing traditions such as Watsu, Water Dance, Ayurveda, and more. OCEANFLOW is designed to foster healing and rejuvenation for the mind, body, and soul.

OCEANFLOW: A Revolutionary Healing Experience

OCEANFLOW is effective in addressing various health conditions, reducing stress, improving mobility, alleviating discomfort from arthritis and rheumatism, easing back pain, relieving headaches and migraines, aiding insomnia management, supporting post-operative rehabilitation, assisting accident recovery, addressing trauma, helping overcome aquaphobia, and providing care for expectant mothers.

This partnership between ELE|NA and OCEANR+ marks a significant milestone in combining sustainable luxury with holistic wellness, setting a new standard in environmental stewardship and health.

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