Soneva unveil new wellness programs

Soneva Fushi

Maldives Promotion House – Soneva Resorts are making ‘me’ time a sublime virtue with the launch in May 2013 new Wellness programmes, including a pioneering Ayurvedic package, all tailored exclusively to individual guests tensions, tastes or body type (or dosha)!

In the tradition of its unique range of wellness treatments, Soneva Kiri and Soneva Fushi’s Six Senses Spas have designed the programmes to appeal to those wanting a truly holistic approach to healing both body and soul, starting with a gentle round of consultations with fitness and wellness consultants as well as the resort’s Ayurvedic Doctors, and culminating in refined contours and rejuvenated spirits. Guests will of course have ample down time to enjoy all SLOW LIFE activities on offer at the resorts.

Leading the way is the Ayurvedic Wellness Programme where guests can, over a period of between five days and three weeks, have access to the Resident Ayurvedic Doctors and Wellness consultants and in Soneva Kiri’s case, the Ayurvedic kitchen too. Soneva Kiri’s specially trained Indian chef prepares calorie counted menus based on Ayurvedic principals but adapted for modern day, cosmopolitan palates.

Naturally at both resorts, the menus revolve around produce grown in the onsite organic gardens, which guarantee a zero carbon miles feast!

Dosha-specific Ayurvedic treatments together with yoga and meditation sessions help guests detox and reduce stress, among the countless other benefits associated with this ancient Indian science of life.

The popular Sleep Well & De-Stress Programme includes specific spa treatments plus the opportunity for personalised yoga and meditation sessions, all designed to change lives by instilling a deep sense of calm and tranquillity.

In addition, Soneva Kiri will offer Weight Loss Programmes which address every challenge, both physical and emotional, presented in the complicated business of losing weight. BMI (body mass index) and % body fat measurements will be taken on arrival and again on departure to showcase the end result!
There are Puriti detox treatments, Yogic Intestinal cleanses and reams of simple nutritional information and even some soothing words, spoken in Thai naturally, if the temptation to veer off the rails proves too great.

This trio of tailored programmes is available from May 2013 with special low season rates guaranteed until October and available going forwards excluding Christmas, New Year and Easter periods. Prices are based on single occupancy and include domestic flights to the resort (from Bangkok/Male), three meals a day, no alcohol, and all the treatments detailed in the package summary.

Later in the year, the Sonevas look forward to launching brand new Adventure and Romance packages, aimed at adrenalin junkies looking to reconnect with nature and unfulfilled lovers of touch and togetherness. Another first for this side of paradise!


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