PATA launches PATA Human Capacity Building Programme in Maldives

The Pacific Asia Travel Association is to stage its first ‘PATA Human Capacity Building Programme’ in the Maldives. The event is organised jointly with the Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO).

The programme, with the theme ‘Explore the Art of Storytelling’, takes place on July 12-13, 2017 at Travel Trade Maldives, TTM in Dharubaaruge, Maldives. It delivers an intensive and interactive training programme incorporating a series of classroom interactions conducted by leading travel industry experts coupled with practical activities, group assignments and networking opportunities. Programme content is based upon the successful PATAcademy-HCD event held in December at the Association’s Engagement Hub in Bangkok.

“PATA’s strategy for human capital development is a key strand in the Association’s mission, striving constantly to provide opportunities for local communities to share in the benefits of tourism. It is also an effective method of broadening the horizons of tourism industry professionals beyond their day-to-day tasks,” said PATA CEO Dr. Mario Hardy.

“We are delighted to partner with MATATO in organising this programme for their members in the Maldives. This topic was well received by our participants at the December PATAcademy-HCD and I am convinced that it will be a huge success in the Maldives as we look in detail at the art of storytelling.” “We are very excited about this partnership program with PATA. The academy program, and the lineup of facilitators are impressive, and this definitely gives us a great opportunity, for our industry to explore their creative potential and get their marketing teams refreshed for new ideas. Being the first of its kind held in Maldives I look forward to a keen response from the industry, and continue this partnership with PATA through more joint endeavors.” Abdulla Ghiyaz, President of MATATO.

Confirmed speakers at the two day programme include Stu Lloyd, Chief Hothead- Hotheads; Trevor Weltman, Head of Growth –; Dung ‘Mos’ Dang, Founder and Head of Product – Scott Experience Design, and Matt Gibson, Professional Travel Bloggers Association/Xpat Media.

Participants gain hands-on experience by working both individually and on team-based projects where presentations are shared at the end of the programme. From this intensive high-value training, participants take home practical marketing strategies to be applied and implemented in their respective organisations.

“With a global network of over 800 members from all sectors of the industry, the PATA Human Capacity Building Programme allows us the unique opportunity to tap into this vast network of expertise for the benefit of our members. This is especially important for those destinations, like the Maldives, where the travel and tourism industry is a large contributor to their economy,” added Parita Niemwongse, Director – Human Capital Development, PATA.

The PATA Capacity Building Programme is the Association’s in-house/outreach initiative for Human Capital Development (HCD) focused on the tourism industry. Leveraging PATA’s network of talented industry leaders worldwide, the Programme designs and implements customised training workshops for diverse organisations including government agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGO’s), educations institutions and private sector businesses.

The training is delivered through innovative adult education learning techniques including case studies, group exercises, group discussions, instructor presentations and site visits.

The facilitators bring knowledge, experience and expertise from a wide range of business sectors and drawn from PATA’s extensive and established network in the tourism industry and beyond.

PATA designs and coordinates the workshop, providing experts who will lead and moderate exchanges among participants and offer their own perspectives and experiences. The workshop content and agenda, including the ideal profile and number of participants are developed by PATA in close collaboration with the lead institution or organisation.

MATATO will be bringing this program to Maldives Travel industry in collaboration with Travel Trade Maldives2017, TTM that will take place from 12 to 13 July in Maldives. PATAT Academy program will take at the same venue, Dharubaaruge, during the course of TTM.

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